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Once upon a wooden staircase….


Jack the giraffe and his best friend Jemima the elephant were apple picking.  They love the taste of a nice juicy, crunchy apple, which are so good for you!  Jack, with his long neck, could reach high up into the branches of the apple trees to reach the juiciest of apples at the top.  Jemima, with her trunk, could reach deep into the branches below and find apples hiding where others could not find them.  This made them a great team and they picked lots of apples.  On this particular day, they were busily picking when Jemima poked her long trunk into the branches and felt a sudden sting at the tip of her trunk.  She pulled her trunk away and there, at the very end, was an angry wasp who had stung her!  Poor Jemima!  The wasp wasn’t at all friendly.  He said he was very cross because he was helping himself to a drink of apple juice when all of a sudden he saw a large grey nozzle coming towards him.  Jack, who had heard Jemima shout when she was stung, looked down and saw Jemima waving her trunk around trying to get the wasp to fly away.  He reached down with his long neck and blew as hard as he could on Jemima’s trunk, making the wasp buzz off in a gust of wind, back into the depths of the tree to carry on his drink.  Jemima dipped her trunk into a pail of nice cold water that was nearby which helped ease the stinging.  They decided they had collected enough apples that day and picked up their stash and walked home, vowing to be much more careful the next time they picked apples!  

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