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Francesco petrarch biography

Petrarch, Italian in full Francesco Petrarca, (born July 20, 1304, Arezzo, Tuscany [Italy]—died July 18/19, 1374, Arquà, near Padua, Carrara), Italian scholar, poet, and humanist whose poems addressed to Laura, an idealized beloved, contributed to the Renaissance flowering of lyric poetry. Francesco Petrarca, whose anglicized name is Petrarch, was born on July 20, 1304, in Arezzo, Tuscany (now Italy). With his family, he moved to. Francesco Petrarch was born on 20 July 1304 in the Commune of Arezzo to Ser Petracco, a merchant and a lawyer, and his wife Eletta Canigiani. His father held many high public positions. Following Eletta’s death, Ser married Niccolosa Sigoli. Francesco had one younger brother, Gherardo Petracco, and one younger sister, Selvaggia. Born Francesco Petracco, he was born on July 20th, 1304 in the city of Arezzo to father Ser and mother Eletta. He spent his early life near Florence, and then his family moved around to follow Pope...

Francesco Petrarch Italian, 1304 - 1374 Biography Italian poet and humanist. He was the central figure of Italian literary culture in the mid-14th century. The son of an exiled Florentine notary who moved to Avignon in 1312, Petrarch led a peripatetic career as a man of letters. Petrarch, or Italian in full Francesco Petrarca, was born on July 20, 1304 in Arquà near Padua. He was a son of a notary from Florence who, as a political exile, moved with his family in 1312 to Avignon, then to Carpentras. So, like Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarch was. Fo r I am, Francesco Petrarch, the father of humanism. I was b orn July 20th, 1304 , Arezzo, Italy (which happens to be just south of Florence, Italy. I was the c hild of Pietro di Parenzo di Garzo ( Ser Petracco) and El etta Canigiani. By 1343 Petrarch's second child, Francesca is born, again to an unnamed mother out of wedlock. Francesca later marries Francescuolo da Brossano and bares two children of her own, a daughter named Eletta in 1362 and a son, Francesco whom Petrarch adored. Francesco, the grandson, will die in 1368, probably of the plague. Petrarch , Italian Francesco Petrarca, (born July 20, 1304, Arezzo, Tuscany—died July 18/19, 1374, Arquà, near Padua, Carrara), Italian scholar, poet, and humanist. After 1326 he abandoned the study of law for his true interests, literature and the religious life. How fortune brings to earth the over-sure! No Latin author of the Renaissance was so explicit about his desire to rival the ancients; no writer after him attempted by quite so heroic a coup de mainto create works that could stand next to those of Virgil, Livy and Cicero.

Petrarch is the first modern Latin author to demand admission to the canon of great Latin writers. Humanitas is nowadays associated with the term, humanism, but this was not the meaning it held during the Renaissance. What Petrarch and those who followed him meant by it was simply the study of classical Greek and Roman literature. Petrarch adopted Cicero’s idea of studia humanitatis as one worthy for his day and age. His poetry, mainly composed sonnets focusing on the intense love and admiration he has for Laura, became immensely popular, and in 1341 he was crowned the poet laureate of Rome. Petrarch continued to travel around Europe performing diplomatic missions for the Church and Cardinal Colonna in the 1330s, and soon became a well-known scholar and poet.

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Francesco petrarch biography

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